Quest for Support 3


Here we proudly present the first simultaneously supported DIY 3D-Model.
It was printed by Domonoky to test the software for the dual-extruder of his Repman.

Unfortunately he had to stop the print half way - it was ment to be a model consisting of a small ball caged in 2 bigger balls with holes in them.

To check the surface of this test-model he gave it to me for dissolving the PLA.

The same procedure as last time. First heated in a waterbath and then put into the ultrasonic bath. First, I tried it with the already used chemical solution. Because of the green colour one can easy see, if it is still working.

before                                                                                                             after

A sedimentation of the green color can be observed - probably the colour adsorbs to the Lactose-salt.

After the first 35 minutes the solution was changed with a new one, wich was heated up to 70 °C.
75 minutes later the PLA was nearly totally dissolved and 135 minutes later it was finished.

after 35 min                                                                    after 75 min                                                                 ... finished!

I needed 100 ml of partly used solution and about 2 and a half hours to dissolve 5 g PLA.
In the pictures above you can see that the used chemical solution is still working, but not as good as a fresh solution.

Now it's up to Domonoky to print a complete caged ball or to show me how to print it with my dual-mendel.

...and it's up to You to build a second hot-end for your Reprap!