Now your 3D-prints are one step closer to the ones of professional 3D-printers because 2PrintBeta proudly presents:


BetaSolution is a chemical solution which was especially developed to work as a solvent for polylactic acid (PLA) without harming acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) which is a proofed material to print with.
This allows to use PLA as support material when printing your object with ABS.
Since skeinforge generates support material - if needed with a header - it is possible to bridge overhangs and fill hollow space.
The removal of the support material is a mess because in most cases it consists of the same material which is used to print the object. The parts where much support material is needed don't look very nice after cleaning.

The usage of two different materials is a big advantage when printing difficult objects which should look nice although being printed with support material. BetaSolution allows to dissolve the PLA completely without harming the shape or the color of ABS. Hollow items can be completely filled with support material without the mess of it's manual incomplete removal:

After treatment with BetaSolution the example object looks like this:



How to use BetaSolution and how it works is described in the manual or in the following link.

If you want to buy BetaSolution follow this link.

Please note: You need an upgrade on your 3D-printer to print with two different materials!

BetaSolution contains chemicals comparable to the ones in drain cleaner or nail polish remover and thus treated as dangerous good. Until now it can not be shipped with all delivery services and only to certain countries.