Working heated bed


The first working part printed on my new heated bed from

Earlier i was reporting on what problems i had with this heated bed. The seller was very helpfull and wrote me many emails, this way i found out that the heated bed he sent me is 1cm bigger then his own. So that explains my problems with the z-switch holder. I then mounted back my old acrylic bed and tried to design and print a better z-switch holder which would fit the bigger bed. The next day i mounted back the heated bed and noticed the new z-switch holder was too high, so it would hit the x-y carriage before the extruder would touch the bed. I should really learn to be carefull when designing objects, and not just print them to try it out. So i tried again with the original z-switch holder which i modified a bit by force so it would fit to the bolt. Thats how it looks now. The z-switch is a bit off the normal position, but that is compensated with a big ABS foot on the z-switch screw.

I then heated the bed again a long time and tried some example gcode files from the seller, which he knows work fine. I also prepared some other masking tapes to try out how good it would stick on those.

But look how the test with the seller generated gcode progressed:

It stick, it works fine. The object is nearly perfect and the underside is perfectly flat. You can nearly use it as a mirror. That means success ! The heated bed is working.

Ofcourse this two objects are small, so would be probably print just as fine on a not-heated bed. But it was a good first test. Bigger objects will follow the next days.

So i now want the exact skeinforge settings the seller used for this objects, so i can do that myself :-)

So now a last view on the complete Rapman 3.1 with heated bed: