Screwless megaspool


Since a while i have some rolls of differently colored PLA. And while this is really a nice material to print with, the rolls have a pretty big inner diameter so that i couldnt find a fitting spool.

So on to design and print my own big spool. And to make it more interesting, i wanted to build it without any screws or other metal needed. It quickly turned out, that even with the big print area of the Rapman i wont be able to print a disk big enough. So i had to design it more modular, and decided to use Cardboard for the border to save some printing time. You can find the full model files on thingiverse.

For the spool i needed the following parts:

Together with some cardboard the make the spool:

The base for this spool is constructed similarly. 3 edge pieces and some sqare connectors make the base and all pieces are held together by some piece of filament.

In the end, it looks like this. The spool in the front is a regular 1kg ABS spool, so you can see that its quite big.

Another thing down on the path for the perfect DIY 3d printer.