screwable y-axis bushings for prusa


This is a concept to get around gluing the PLA bushings onto the y-bottom-plate.
During the assembly of the prusa they get fixed and if one changes anything on the y-axis they have to get removed and re-glued to fit accurate again.
We noticed that the fine tuning of the prusas bars needs some time.
Even after checking orthogonality of everything one has to change some screws later on.

Here the bushings get screwed onto the y-bottom-plate.
The holes are M4 holes, but the bushings get fixed with M3 screws to have a little space to adjust their position.

Simply tape the y-bottom-plate with a suitable tape.

Then find the correct position of the bushings on the plate.

After adjusting the position of the bushings one can mark the holes with a pen.

To be sure to find the correct position after drilling it is recommended to mark the upside of the y-bottom-plate.
The holes in the bushings are symmetric so you can switch them to the upside.

The holes get drilled with a M4 drill using a drill press.

Here you can see the mounted bushings:

The files are as always on thingiverse.

Have fun with these screwable y-axis bushings.

If you don't have a 3D printer yet buy them at:


Kind regards