Mendel X Carriage for two extruders


As i plan to make my Mendel with two extruders, i had to further modify the Mendel X-carriage so it will fit two wades Extruders with BfB-Hot-ends. The resulting model ended up pretty big, but should hopefully work. You can see pictures of this carriage here:


To see how big this is, here is a comparison with a normal sized carriage:

Also i had to modify the Wades extruder for the second extruder so both fit. A simple mirroring of the Model did the trick:

The Models for this extruders can be found under: and

If i loosely fit everything together, it looks like this. I think it surely looks like it could work :-)

So now i have printed everything i could for my Mendel, and have to wait for the packages with all the other material to arrive. Whish me luck.