Mendel 5


On the last weekend we were finally able to get our dual-printhead Mendel up and running, its working *jay*

After fixing some smaller problems, tweaking the software a bit and adding fans to our mendel we were able to get it printing both ABS and PLA in a acceptable quality. You can see a few pictures of it printing natual PLA here:

In the Picture below you can see the full Mendel in its current state. Its not pretty, but it works with two printheads and two different materials, perfect for more support experiments.

The machine currently stands on some lego feets, because the cables going to the stepper drivers where getting into the way of the table. Also the electronics on top limit the build high pretty much. You can also see the fans we added, to prevent the machine from overheating in this hot weather (30°C here). So there is still much improvements possible on this machine.

Next step is to make a smaller dual-printhead and rearrange the electronics to get the machine looking nicer and be able to use more of the buildspace.