Mendel 3


Last weekend, we were able to continue a bit our work on the dual-head mendel, the mechanical construction is now pretty much finished. Next comes the electrical things and then the needed software changes.

The Wades extruders with BfB hot-ends caused much work, because the new connecting holes did not really respect available screw lengths. So we had to modify many screws and cut them to the required lengths with a dremel. You can see the two nearly finished wades extruders with BfB hot-end here. The heater wires and the thermistors are still missing.

On the mendel itself, we managed to cut the thick sheets to size and mount it. Also some electronics were already mounted. What is missing, is the print-bed, mounting of the extruders, electric cabeling and ofcourse software.

So it wont be long, till our two head mendel will be printing mixed PLA ABS objects..