Mendel 2


In spite of experiments to dissolve PLA used as supporting material for Domonokys first PLA/ABS-prints we had some time to assemble the first parts of the mendel.
First of all special thanks to László from Hungary (, who spend a whole night packing parts to boxes to make sure that the package arrives right in time. With the printed parts of Domonoky, the ordered MakerBot-electronics and some parts from reprapsource our mendel kit was nearly complete.

At be beginning we mounted the first screws and caps on the z-axis carriage. After that, we assembled some other parts of the z-axis. As you can see on the laptop, we followed the instructions of the mendel-construction-guidance.

Then, we started the assembly of the x-axis. Unfortunately, we found out, that there were some holes missing in the upper part of the dual extruder carriage. But no problem: We used a dremel for drilling the missing holes.

The next problem appeared right after the assembly of the extruder carriage: The bars didn't fit. The bearings were to close together. Same procedure as last time: usage of a dremel to correct the positions of the bearings. It worked!

Noted, that we have to change the openSCAD-Files of the dual extruder carriage, we went on assembling the y-axis. After little corrections of the bearings, the y-axis slided quite good.

Right after that, we started to build the core and mounted the x- and z-axis. Now, one can see that this is going to be a mendel 3D printer.

The full assembled x-, y- and z-axis of the mendel was the final achievement of the last weekend.

Some parts are still missing. Especially the new designed dual extruder carriage needs some shorter screws, which emerged during construction. Another thermistor for the second hot end and some special parts still have to be ordered.

The next step is mounting the electronics, building the two hot ends combined with the wade's extruders and then...
...the next problem will be a software printing with two extruders...

Hope you enjoyed reading - we enjoyed building.
Greetings from the lake of constance

BonsaiBrain aka the chemist friend