Mendel 1


I just finished to print all parts for a mendel. This mendel will be installed by a friend, and is planned to have two extruders. You can see all printed parts here:

This are all RP parts needed for a basic mendel. The extruder parts are still missing here, because i want to use Wades Extruder, but with a different hot-end. This Hot-End will be similar to what the Repman uses, so i need to modify the Wades parts a bit to make them fit.

Also planned is a bigger carriage, so i can fit 2 Wades Extruders on it.

I had some problems with wrapping on some big parts. Even the heated bed didnt help for that. Some parts i just had to reprint in PLA to get a nice result. You can see a comparison between a heavily wraped ABS part and a perfectly fine PLA piece:



Now the next step is to make the needed modifications to Wades extruder, and source all the other parts i need for a mendel.

This will probably take some time, till the mendel is ready. But i hope it progresses steadily.