Huxley widecarriage for Hot-end


As i continued to experiment with my Huxley 3D printer, i seriously feeled the disadvantages of my temporary hot-end attachment. It was just flexing too much, and didnt hold the hot-end good enough.

So i decided i need to make a wider carriage for the Huxley, so i could fit the hot-end between the two bars of the x-axis. There it would be easier to control the flexing of the hotend holder and also i could get rid of my off-center printbed.

So i changed all neccessary parts of the x-axis to make the distance between the two x-bars 2.5cm wider. You can see the results of this in the following pictures:

The complete printer now looks much nicer, and the printing results are much better. Take a look:

As always you can find all models of this on thingiverse as thing 12581