Huxley 2


As you can see in the previous post i am busy building a Huxley 3D Printer.

After i have bought the missing parts, i continued to assemble the x-axis and it took not long to look like this:

Unfortunalty i used the wrong bars for this axis, which i only noticed after i secured all nuts and began mounting it to the Huxley. This meant unscrewing all those many screws on the x-axis again, replace the bars and thighten them a second time. This time everything seemed to fit, so i began mounting the z-axis and with it this x-axis on the huxley.

After getting it all squared and correctly fixed it looked like this:

Which means nearly all construction is complete and the mechanical part is done. Jay !

Next would be to install the motors, belts and the extruder. But as i began to do this i noticed more missing and wrong parts. One of my belts is too short so i have to order a new one. Also i completly forgot the bearings for the y-axis belt.

And last, but not least, i noticed that the Huxley has a too small carriage for the planned Hotend from Even the two bars are too near together to fit that hot-end. So for this i will have to find a special solution. Currently i plan to just mount it on the side of the carriage and mount the print bed a bit off-center. For this i will need to design and print a few parts, luckly i already got a 3D printer :-)

Stay tune how the adventure continues..