Huxley 1


Since our two 3D printers (Mendel and Rapman) are constantly busy printing parts, we are in the need of another 3D printer for our experiments. We decided it should be a Huxley so we get a transportable printer which we can easily take with us and show around.

So we started gathering parts, nuts and bolts, bars and took a RP set from our shop at :

Once we had most of it gathered and hauled to my place, i started building it.
I began assembling the frame parts and could complete the frame itself after a few hours:

In the evening, on the next day, i continued with the y-axis and not much later i was able to install it onto the frame:

After that it was again time to sleep, as my normal day job also wants my attention. :-)

But on the next evening i continued buiding the Huxley till i got stuck by some small missing parts, which i will have to gather tomorrow. I was able to complete most of the assemblys for the x-axis and some z-axis parts:

After i gathered the missing parts, this report will continue in the next days, stay tuned.