How it all began


At the end of the year 2009, i found out that you can now buy kits for 3dprinters pretty easily and realtivly cheap. Some googleing convinced me that this printers are really able to print usefull parts. So i decide to buy one as a christmas present for myself.

There were two different vendors for complete kits available at this time. Makerbot in the USA, and BitsfromBytes in England. As postage, customs and taxes are pretty high if you order things from the US to Europe, i quickly decided for the Repman from Bitsfrombytes. This 3d-printer costs a bit more then the US counterpart, but also has a bigger print area.

As there is a hefty demand for those 3d printers, i had to wait till beginning of January 2010 till my kit arrived. Luckily i still had holidays so i could start with assembling the kit.

After unpacking i started with small parts:

A  few pictures of the used Material:

After a while the first looks of the machine started to emerge:

Here the machine is nearly finished. Only the extruder is missing.

So now i tested the electronics, which worked really fine and also looks pretty cool:

And after 3 to 4 days the machine was finished, and i could beginn with the first test prints.