Heated printbed improvements


While waiting for the new firmware from BfB, i started next thing on my todolist. A controller for my heated bed, so i can adjust the temperature of it.

This controller consists of a thermistor to measure the heat, a relais to switch on and off the heater, a display and some capacitive buttons and ofcourse a Arduino to control everything. The capacitive buttons are just some 1MOhm resitors and a bit of alu foil connected between two arduino pins. Reading it with the CapSense library works nicely.

The completed circuit looks like this, notice how i spared pcbs and just solderd everything to some pinheaders, i am a lazy man. :-)

After the circuit was completed, i also refined my isolation of the heated bed and put everything into a test setup.

When i get the newer firmware from BfB, i ofcourse plan to print a nice case for this circuit. But that will have to wait a bit.