Dual-Extruder 2


In the last days i continued to work on my dual extruder for my repman 3.1 machine. Below you can see the building of the hot-end for the second extruder.

The hot-end building was pretty nice this time, because BfB now delivers insulated nichrome wire. So the fire cement is only needed to keep it in place and protect the plastic insulator a bit from the heat. Also the fire cement doesnt need baking in the oven anymore, the new instructions just use the nichrome wire itself to bake the fire cement. Thats a nice and fast solution.

After i finished the hot-end i assembled the second head and tried to mount it. Unfortunatly my acrylic pieces to mount the extruder didnt really fit together, but i could make it work by removing some plastic from the acrylic. Thats what you get when you try to buy parts which arent officially available. :-)

Both heads mounted:

A look below those print heads:

And the full machine with both printheads. As you might notice, the cabling looks a bit wired, thats because i was too lazy to force the new cables through the old tube which already contains the wires of the other print head. But i think it will still work like that.

As i finally have assembled the second printhead, i ofcourse wanted to try it out. Unfortunatly my current firmware (2.0.8) doesnt really support the second printhead. It doesnt allow to control the second head via the menu, and if it drives to the heat-up position (front right), it will drive too far and hit the border. Thats because the new mounting plate for the printheads is bigger and the firmware doesnt seem to know of that.

So now i have to wait for BfB to send me a (beta) firmware which can drive this twin extruder system.