Dual-Extruder 1


In the last days i was busy with printing parts for a mendel 3d-printer. I want to build this to give it to a friend and spread the 3dprinting technologie even more. Below you can see a picture of some mendel parts in progress. The yellow tape is some experiment to find better tapes where the ABS stick good. This yellow tape sticks very well, but you can remove the parts without destroying the tape. So i will need todo more experminents on this.

But i had to interrupt this mendel printing because i got two interesting packages. The first was from NewZealand and contained PLA in Black Green and Natural this will allow me to print even more different parts.

The second package was from BfB and contained the parts for my new shiny DualExtuder, when that is finished, it will allow me to print parts in two colors or mixed ABS PLA parts.

I already began to assemble it, but there is still much left. Below you can see my first steps, and i will report more in the next days as the build progresses.