Case for heated printbed controller


As i reported earlier, i built a controller for my heated print bed from so i could control the temperture of the printbed easily. Since a while this electronics where just sitting loose besides my printer doing their job. As this didnt look good and also was rather fragile setup, i designed a case for it.

The case is about 13cm long and is printed in green PLA. It houses a display, a relay and a Arduino Mega to control everthing. This Arduino is awefully overpowered for this task, but i plan to use it also for other extras i want to control on my 3d printer. For this, i also create 4 capacitive buttons instead of the needed two, so i can easily extend it later.

Those buttons are just some wires, connected to microcontroller pins like you can see in the following shematic. This works fine and only reacts if you really touch it (Use bigger resistor to sense further away). Who needs real buttons anymore ? :-)


Here you can see the controller with case in its full glory.

Another thing done, to make my 3dprinter better, but there is still much left todo...