Building a Wallace


A while ago we noticed a new type of 3D printer on the website: the Wallace 3D printer. This is a printer similar to the popular printrbot, but completely opensource and community maintained. The printer is much simpler built and claims to be built up in a few hours but I questioned the stability of those two lonely z-rods. So I had to try it out and build one myself.

As the wallace design is highly customizeable, I choose to try a variant with M8 rods, Nema17 motors and a print plate of 22.5 cm x 22.5cm. This leads to a build volume of around 15cm x 15cm x 15cm which seems quite acceptable.

I started with printing all the needed parts on my existing 3D printer and took some parts out of our stock at

After I gathered those parts, I started building and assembling the bases:

As promised the building was really simple, so the buildup progressed fast and not much later I had to fit my print-bed and it was nearly ready.

Then I just had to attach the belts and the printbed and the mechanical construction was ready. After that the 3D printer looked like this:

I wanted to fit a Wades extruder with a 3.0 hotend, which I already had laying around. But unfortunately, I noticed that the cut-out in the carriage was much too small for the big hot-end I had here. So I had to change the design of it a bit and reprint it. That's how it looks after the changes in comparison to the old carriage:

Then I could mount the wades, find places for the optoendstops and wire it all up:

Finally it was ready and I could try out how its' printing qualities are. Thats how it looks completed:

And I was really suprised how good the printing quality actually is. It prints nicely and without any shaking. Maybe its not the best 3D printer for high speed prints, but with a normal speed it really produces adequate results. And the build is really fast and painless. No need for perfect squaring and adjustments like on the Mendel or Prusa. Just put everything together and it works.

Finally you can see here a video of it printing some higher test object:

We hope you like this, as we are seriously considering to make this parts cast-able and adding it to our portofolio at