The aim was to create a 3D printer which is designed to be mobile, not just an Ultimaker with batteries.
On the MakeMunich 2013 we showed that it is working and looking quite nice.

But walking a few steps on a faire is not a real mobile test.

I used the first sunny days this year to test my mobile 3D printer "BetaProtoMobile" in the streets of constance.
So I loaded the battery, copied a suitable gcode onto the SD-card and went shopping.

First I thought, the print will be very bad, because sometimes the printer was shaked pretty hard.
But the result was very good.

The next test was printing during a bus tour.
The streets are not the best, so it was shaked again for almost half an hour.
Again the result was perfect.

The end of the tour was the university of constance, where I visited some friends.
It was a real fun walking around with a mobile 3D printer.
Many people stopped and asked questions.

I made a short video about this tour which can be watched on youtube.

Greetings from the Lake Constance