Beta casted prusa XClamp assembly


Some 2Printbeta customers of our casted prusa parts set asked how to assemble the X-Clamps which are not like the standard Prusa.


So I prepared a little photostory for all who might have problems with the assembly:

Here you can see both assembly methods:

Method one, the one at the bottom of the picture needs 2 M3 Screws 25 mm, 4 M3 washers and 2 M3 nuts. Just assemble as showed.

Method two, the one at the top of the picture shows assembly with just 2 M4 16 mm screws which fit tight into the holes for the M3 screws.

In picture 2 you can see the assembled version one with an inserted M8 rod and a M8 Nut fitting into the bottom hole.

In this picture you can see another M8 nut from the top which is screwed above a small spring. By pressing the top nut into the hole with the spring, the M8 nut at the bottom-side appears.
Screw the bottom-side M8 nut towards the bottom hole as far as possible while pressing the spring down.

In picture 4 you can see the nut inside the bottom hole before relaxing the spring.

In picture 5 you can see the relaxed version. The bottom nut disappears inside the hole and the top nut is only 1 mm visible.

The part with the spring is just additional. You don't need a spring actually. You can omit the M8 nut at the top side completely or insert 2 nuts on both sides to fix the Z-Axis.

I hope this was useful for you.

Kind regards