Paste extruder for multicomponent candy

2PrintBeta proudly presents: The casted paste extruder

Last time we introduced our version of a paste extruder for heavy duty action with 20 ml syringes.

Here we present the complete casted paste extruder. The model has been improved a little bit. I reworked the openSCAD file of the model. Now it is more readable and more configurable as before. But not all depends on only the syringe size, it is per default for 20 ml syringes. When adjusting to 10ml or 50ml syringes one has to change some other parameters too, but its relativly easy to adjust to other syringe sizes. I also added a toggle swith to switch from casted masters to printed models.

The casting was a challenge:

We tested the whole process from making the masters to the first casted model. First we tested if the printed version would fit, e.g. the size of the holes for the bearings, the syringe and the belt. Then we printed the master of the casted version and made a mold of it. After casting the first copy we compared both:

Even the small bridges for clamping the timing belt came out perfect:

One side is glossy:

Then we printed the masters of the other components and also made sure their hole sizes are correct. After everthing seemed to be right, we made molds of all parts:

Some parts are hard to remove from the mold, but as the molds are flexible it worked out fine.

The thrill was rising during the first assembly of the casted parts, would everything fit together ? Or would there be some problems. It turned out, everything was fitting perfectly on the first try.

Now we are pround to announce the casted paste extruder set:

You can buy it at our shop on

In the meantime I made some more test with our prototype. I tried something special with our paste extruder: printing multimaterial candies

A suitable model was quickly found: the famous companion cube.
The first print test with a 0.8 mm nozzle looked quite promising - until the nozzle blocked with some larger sugar cristals.

So be carefully, always filter the sugar powder with a fine sieve before adding it to the marzipan or it will block.

For the next try, we modified the model by adding four chambers inside and printed it again - this time with the larger nozzle:

Before the cube was closed we added red currant jelly while printing with another syringe:

After the print was finished, we carefully removed the cube from the printbed and poured hot chocolade over it:

Being happy with this result we tried another print with carefully filtered sugar powder mixed into the decor marzipan.
This time the small nozzle didn't block and the cube was so detailed that one can see the hearts on the sides and on the top.

After chocolade glazing it it was frozen to prevent the jelly from dropping out when taking pictures:

And the best of all: It tastes as good as it looks!

The file can be found on thingiverse as part 26047.

Greetings from the lake constance

Paste extruder assembly manual

This is the assembly manual for the paste extruder available on 2Printbeta.

When buying, you should get the parts showed on the following picture:

First of all you take the longest M3 screw (M3 x 50 mm) and push it into the lower hole on the front of the pastruder body:

Then you insert the T5 timing belt from the inside of the hole for the syringe and push it out of the lowest hole:

Carefully press the timing belt together and clamp it with the M3 screw by pushing it through the second hole on the other side of the pastruder body.

Secure it with a washer and a M3 nut.

Prepare the M4 x 20 mm bolt and put the 624zz bearing and two washers on it as shown on the following picture:

Then press it into the designated hole in the belt idler until you hear a click:

Prepare the 8 mm x 20 mm bolt and push a 608zz bearing onto it.

Firmly press the bolt into the other side of the belt idler until it clicks into.

The bearings are now positioned like this:

Then take two M3 x 40 mm screws and put a washer on each. Insert them into the belt idler like this:

Insert a M3 x 8 mm grub screw into the motor pulley:

Insert the motor shaft into a bench:

File it until you have one flat side.

The flat side should be at least like this:

Then add the motor pulley and fasten the grub screw:

Insert one M8 x 80 mm bolt into the medium sized gear and put 5 washers M8 on the other side:

Insert a M8 nut into the hexagon hole of the timing belt pulley:

Then take another M8 nut and hold it on the other side of the timing belt pulley:

Insert a 608zz bearing into the paste extruder body and push the prepared gear with the M8 bolt into the paste extruder body.  While doing this insert the timing belt pulley and screw some turns:

Hold the second nut with a wrench or pliers and screw the bolt complete in:

Insert the timing belt as shown on this picture:

Then push the timing belt around the pulley and fix it with pliers. Screw on the second nut with a wrench.

Insert the second M8 x 80 mm bolt into the very small pulley and add one washer M8.

Put one 608zz bearings into the paste extruder body and insert the prepared small pulley with the M8 bolt:

Screw one M3 x 8mm grub screw as deep into one spezial M8 nut as shown on this picture:

Then insert this M8 nut into the small gear and screw out the grub screw until it disappears inside the thread.

After inserting one 608zz bearing screw this gear completely onto the other side of the second M8 bolt:

Fix it with the M3 grub screw:

Put two washers M8 and one 608zz bearing on the first M8 bolt:

Insert a 608zz bearing into the large gear:

Put this gear on the first M8 bolt and fix it with the second special M8 nut:

Insert one 608zz bearing on the timing belt guide as shown on this picture:

Prepare the M8 x 40 mm bolt with one M8 nut and one washer M8:

Insert this bolt into the syringe idler while positioning the 608zz bearing with one washer M8 as shown here:

The finished syringe idler should look like this:

Take the timing belt out of the belt pulley and insert it into the syringe idler:

Then push the timing belt back around the pulley and insert it into the belt idler:

Put two M3 nuts into the designated holes on the backside of the paste extruder body:

Screw on the belt idler by gently pushing it on the timing belt. Be careful: Do not screw on tight! The belt won't move when clamped.

Prepare three M3 nuts with washers:

Try out a good position for the motor:

Two holes are freely accessible, the third one is accessible through the holes of the large gear:

Now your paste extruder is be ready for use. Just connect it the same way you connect your filament extruder on the x-carriage:

Before using it the first time it is recommended to put some grease between the gears:

Have much fun with printing the paste of your choice, such as frost, hazelnut spread, marzipan, jelly or clay.






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