phosphorescent PLA video


Here we want to present a special feature: A video about glowing-in-the-dark phosphorescent PLA.

During my prints with the phosphorescent PLA, i discovered an awesome effect.
The heat of the nozzle lets the PLA glow more than normal.

short chemical description:
That's because of the phosphorescent dye. It converts UV-light into visible light.
The UV-light is being absorbed by the phosphorescent dye and is converted into energy of electrons.
Heat means movement of electrons and cores. Light is emmitted, when an electron looses a little of it's energy.
The energy is converted into a visible light photon. If the hot nozzle reaches the phosphorescent dye the electrons emit more photons.
But this is not universal. Some phosphorescent dyes loose their energy without glowing more when being heated. The description why this happens would go to far.

Without light, the phosphorescent dye does not glow.
Due to the high temperature, the PLA looses its ability to glow while moving down the way through the extruder and the nozzle.
That's why you cannot see anything glowing, even when you turn the lights off.

But if you power the phosphorescent dye with UV-light after coming out of the nozzle, you can see this effect.

To show this, we made a little video where you can see my mendel printing glowing-in-the-dark PLA.

Watch it and have fun!

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Greetings from the lake of constance