Mazda RX-8 air intake filter adapter


Still waiting for the last order which should have reached the delivery service today, I looked again for useful things to replicate...

A friendly garage asked me, if I could reprap a little part which is inside the motorblock, because they were deeply impressed
by the mop screw which I designed and reprinted for the nearby car wash.

The missing part was an air intake filter adapter.
This adapter breaks very often, because you have to remove it with pliers to get it out of the rubber shells around the adapter.

So PLA wouldn't be the best choice, because the mechanic said, the temperature could probably rise above 90°C
if the car is running for a while, especially in summer.
As usual, I tried my best to not disappoint the mechanic.

The first try was a original copy of the broken part, which was quickly redesigned in openSCAD:

I printed it with support and a layer thickness of 0.25 mm, for getting it as claimable as possible.
The print looked quite ok, but it didn't resist a break test with pliers.

After looking inside the motor and the place, where the part should be, I asked, if it would be a problem, if it is not an exact
copy, but a working replacement for the broken part. The mechanic had no problem with a different shape as long as it works.

I quickly changed the design into a very simple one and reprinted it twice with many extra shells and with 10 °C above my
"normal" printing temperature for ABS.

The result was a working reprapped replacement for an mazda rx8 air intake filter adapter :-)

Beside the white part you can see the original adapter in black:

All in all it took about 6 h of work from the broken part to the working ABS copy.
The mechanic was happy, because otherwise he had to buy a whole air intake filter, because it's not that easy
to buy only the adapter, but not impossible. The original mazda service - of course - sells this part
- with a delivery time of 5-7 days...

If he has to repair another RX-8 with a broken air intake filter adapter, I can reproduce a new part with one klick :-)

Greetings from the lake of constance