Lego Borg


We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

Driven by the question, what is possible with those lego men, I designed a borg.
For that I totally changed the design and printed it in different colours, to test the behaviour at same conditions.
The colour has a little but negligible effect. One can print different colours with the same settings of skeinforge.
Due to the high precision of lego it is hard to find the correct settings to print it fittable.
During tuning my skeinforge to print with a thickness of 0.2 mm I stumbled over a widen bug. But Enrique Perez was very helpful and debugged it - thanks a lot!
The latest prints are more beautiful, because of the bugfix, but I didn't had the time to print the whole set again.

But now back to topic - this are my changes on the lego man:

*Bigger hole inside the torso - now it fits to normal lego

*Bigger cylinder on top of the torso - now a standard lego-head also fits

*Modification of the hip-clamp
*little holes inside the torso, that fit into the clamps
*Bigger hole inside the head - now it fits on to normal lego, too

*little modification of the hands - now they can grab standard lego parts
*size adjustment of the arms - now the hands fit into the arms without breaking them - and of course: They fit into normal lego

*holes inside the back of the legs - now it can stand and sit on lego parts

borg-specific changes:
*totally redesigned mech arm of borg
*borg weapon new from scratch
*mech hand modification
*borg helmet new from scratch
*redesigned arms with wires
*redesigned torso
*borg armor new from scratch
*redesigned legs

This is one of the more beautiful prints (especially the left leg) and in a more suitable outfit:

Live long and prosper!