To get more example material of what we are able to print, i tried to print a small house. The model was again from the sketchup gallery and heavily modified to make it printable.

The house was printed in multiple parts and is around 17cm x 16cm x 12cm big. It was printed in white PLA with a layer height of 0.25mm on my Rapman 3.1

Here you can see the completed Model in its full glory.

The house was printed with little connectors so you can connect the different parts together, and also disconnect them again to see inside. Take a look at the images below, all rooms are there with windows an everything.

In the next pictures you can see the basement and a collection of all parts of this house.

As always, the complete model is available on thingiverse as object 5064.

Now if you are a architect and need a printed model of one of your house, dont hesitate to contact us :-)