Razor Gillette Mach3 compatible


To shave myself i use a wet shaving razor for which i regularly need new razor blades. As you might know, there are many many different blades available in the store, which ofcourse are all incompatible and need a different blade holder. As it happens there also many with very similar names.

I currently use a "Gillette Sensor 3" razor but mistakenly bought blades for a "Gillette MACH 3" razor, which sounds similar but are ofcourse completly incompatible. Unfortunatly i already opend the package before i noticed my mistake, so i now have a package of very expensive blades which dont fit on my razor.  So what should i do ?

3D printer to the rescue ! I just designed a simple blade holder for this blades, printed it, and now i can use this wrong blades too. Ofcourse this blade holder doesnt use the fancy connection mechanism the orginal would use, it just fits tightly on the blade and it works :-)

Take a look at the finished result:

As always you can find the model on thingiverse as object 8961 if you happen to be in the same place.