While experimenting with my dual extruder system and trying to improve the various parts of it, i thought about small easy objects with which i could try out my machine. One thing which came in to my mind was trying to print a businesscard with mixed materials. Print the card itself in transparent PLA and the text with colored ABS into the middle of the card.

After i had the models and combined g-codes finished and ready to print, i broke a gear on my second extruder. Thats the way most of my experiments go. Fortunatly i have two extruders, so i could print a replacement gear.

The black gear is the new one, the acrylic the broken one. This gear isnt too nice and doesnt works as good as the original, but it does its job.

After that was fixed, i finally could try to print the businesscard. Thats what my first try looks like:

Its made up of 4 layers of plastic, 1 pure PLA, 2 layers PLA with the text in black ABS and finally another layer of PLA to enclose the ABS text nicely. It has the same dimensions as a normal business or credit card, but is a little bit thicker.

I think this doesnt look too bad and if i can fix the small imperfections in it and place a bit more text on it, it should make a nice 3D printed businesscard.