In the past few weeks i have been busy with experiments to explore the use of my 3D Printers in architectural areas.

As i am not very expirienced with making architectural models, i got most models for this experiments from the sketchup gallery and from thingiverse. Most models also needed some smaller tweaks to make the printable. In the end, i think the results look pretty useable, take a look for yourself.

The first experiment, a building from MIT:

Next was a small pyramid:

Then i tried a model of a castle in my area, Burg Hohenzollern, which i found in sketchup (intended for Google Earth):

This model was not very detailed, so i searched for a more detailed model, and found the Acton Church:

The details on the tower of this model got really nice, so i looked for a model with more of such details and found this:

The results were really nice. Finally a friend asked if i also could print trees. I found one on thinigverse: :-)

now on to the next prints...